Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Gayatri placed her beautiful collection of musical instruments and told me...

Precious Collections of life ....

There near the town hall we sat on the stone steps and we have heard the anklet sounds of dancers and instrument melodies  from the very core point of the hall.. 

There he dashed in.. Strange..

Gayatri and me were in a world of Tagore's Shantiniketan and he pulled out a caricature and spread against our poetic world.

Multi-coloured birds and a cave and a prison...

We did not react..
He wanted us to react and continued..  
Forget the past, life is like that.. don't live in your past.. 

Gayatri was furious.. 

What....?? Past...???
We did not even ask you about Past, Present or Future.. Infact you remind us of a past showing this caricature of birds and funnily decorated humans.. .

But... he continued

i know what bothers you.. some people stamp and finish off others, back stab, sting and come up in life.. ..... One thing i can tell you that such achievement is not worth and i know you will not value such achievements.

I waited for Gayatri to reply him..

Gayatri understood his motives.. she tried to be polite but she could not hold her real self on a pretense. 
Look friend..  
you have crossed your limit.. We are not here to think about the ones who want to live in one fool's paradise and if you want to console us diplomatically by enjoying the reverse swings and googlies we are not for it.. 

We understand the whole  diplomatic astute schemes and we know how butter cookies are offered to them to silence them.  On the whole it may look so appealing as a coat of paint and we are not here to sit and worry about a coat of enamel gloss.

And Past.. it is you who displayed this caricature and reminded us of the past.. not we. 

His face fell flat but wanted to prove his innocence 

It is that i am worried and i wanted to tell you that you forget your past..


you want us to forget by reminding us of caricatures on every morning. Good Trial... One thing we want to know what do you expect from us..
It is that we know there a  past and there need to be a present and there should be a future and do you think you need to tell me of that it is our choice to think or forget a past or a present or a future.

I think you are mistaken.. 
he wanted to justify..


we are not mistaken..... do you know how diplomats silence their detractors... they fight not but offer biscuit crumbs and at certain times receive the same crumbs back from the more intelligent ones when things go out of control.

Gayatri in no mood to give up and she is right and there no need for him to do this caricature show near our poetic dawn.

I did not mean... that way...

He wanted to calm down Gayatri..

Yes... meanness got a strange language and we are accustomed to that there on the painted walls we can see a million creeping shadows.. From the beautiful world to the world of meanness a few climb with a crown of hidden thorns and we are not very fascinated on such crowns....

Gayatri.. i know you are totally ..

Gayatri did not allow him to continue..

Please.. ...
don't bring your past caricatures to our present.. 
We walk back in our past as and when we love and we know there live Tagore, Neruda and many such unassuming greats and we know they are different from the present crown holders... We walk back in our past libraries to find a world on our own pure wisdom and there you find not the weight of the currency notes transacted against a tiara..

Gayatri... you need to move away from your past.....

He tried to explain his thought patterns...

Gayatri did not allow him to justify this time as he always thought he should be the final conclusion... 
Gayatri did not raise her voice nor quarreled but modulated her tone on her own unique heartbeats and i think he understood..
Gayatri continued.. 

You wanted always your story as the perfect one and when others try to explain you find it very difficult to accept.   
You moved in with your caricature in front of us. We have not trespassed your territory to give a discourse on past.. Infact the truth is that you never wanted us to forget a past but wanted us to remember and suffer..
That was your secret wish..  Let me highlight that point..
There on the lines what exactly you want to write.

Oh! really what a great event that you reminded us of a past and you feel terribly miserable..
You reminded us of a past....yes... but not in  a way you anticipated us to react..

Gayatri ended his paper thin conference sheet..
Little rude  i thought but needed..
I know Gayatri..

I listened her and felt she is right..
What does he gain by doing this even after our heartbeats  turned numb towards the backstage rehearsals and the final show downs.....

Let all in prison think that they are imprisoned on the fantasies of the Judiciary...

Gayatri does not want her beautiful world of music to shrink on the narrowness of shadows. What is there on the mirror.. A reflection of past , present or future 

A portrait of seasons turned like in a visual around..
From the town hall  garden I watched the ongoing season of my Eastern Sky..Season of rain… 

We sat there thinking not of the past, present or of the future but of the rain as the momentum of the dawn turned very cold and there nothing left to write or to rewrite..
Our heartbeats were calm like a beautiful musical note and nothing more we wanted in one rain filled morning.....

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