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September 16, 2010



This is a story i have written a long 11 years ago when i was working with my uncle in his Universal Library..

Universal Library 

From the rains i woke up and  like in one poem, in my day dreams i elegantly placed stars of the sky. Not the same i can think when i open my day to the world where it revolves around me from several satellite axis. From solar planets to my earthen elements i need to find fine poetic words to fill in my ocean shores.

To avoid the illuminating brightness of the artificial lights i lit a few brass lamps not very expensive like that of the chandeliers hang from the mansions of intolerable hypocrisy.  From one extreme to the other extreme how many times i stepped and fell on the shadows to break my poetic  sea shells.

There i am in my uncle's office  library and i can hear the conversation of my uncle and the visitor from the very next table where i sat to read Emliy..

Initially i could not hear much i think the discussion was in the initial formal introduction but i could make out there something wrong from the tone in which the conversation turned later..

I heard my uncle speaking loudly from the discussion room of his 'Universal Library'

In the normal term we find not any visitors  in early hours and i found a kind of mystery in this first bird's motive. I was familiar with the kind of people visited libraries and i have not seen a flashy visitor like this in Universal.

You...., you want me to write a story humiliating your friend's what you called... X ....girl fried.... and you want me to write that..

I heard my uncle..

not very pleasant...

Yes, that is needed that this girl has betrayed my friend's trust and he wants to make her understand that she cannot do that.

Visitor on the other side tried to convince my uncle..

For that you want me write that she is morally and ethically wrong, you want me to write a column and novel asking her to stand near the rain trees near Mayo Hall stories......

like the  paid  writers do.. 

I could feel the fire on my uncle's words..     

Yes, something like that you should do, please save my friend from his embarrassment... He pleaded..

It is not embarrassment but arrogance.. 

i whispered looking at the picture of Emily..

I heard uncle again from the discussion room...

You want me to assassinate the character of your friend's ex girl friend. You want me to write a story favoring your friend to humiliate a person you said whom your friend  hacked ,stung and loved?? Can you tell me that your friend loved her or had a time pass with her. You said that your friend wants to do revenge on her and now you come to me as a part of your revenge plot. You want me to assist you to further mentally disturb a human being you have secretly hacked and drained for life. 

I know my uncle. This visitor is going to get for his life. I thought in my mind..

I need an honest writer to humiliate her that people should believe my friend and I  have come here with this request and i will pay you for that and even reward you with awards..

Many accept favors like this and nothing new in this kind of deals..

Visitor's final trade secret.

Final Nail ... I said to myself 

So you want to purchase my honesty...
What is your sister's name?

Uncle changed the topic


Yes your sister's name
Uncle repeated...... 

Visitor replied.

Ok, if your friend's X pays me more money and ask me to write the morally and ethically wrong Sunandini , will you object or let me ask her to stand near a rain tree near Mayo Hall asking for the next customer or Sunandini the Prostitute.........

oh i know that is the way you want me to humiliate  another human..  If your friend's X pays me more for that and if i agree for that, how will  it be.. you said i am honest and people will believe will you take the whole  package..???

Damn it..If she tries that we know how to block her.. Damn...

Visitor was angry.. genuinely he could not accept that package.


Out from my office.. Never step in my office again with this kind of offers..
Uncle showed him the way

He walked out in a red face..

My uncle i could see shivering as his BP had gone high.

The Visitor too walked out giving me a full stop for my morning dream of poetic stars. That visitor was so mean  that he spread a kind of blackness in my uncle's otherwise great Universal Library.

The story did not end there. That visitor found a  purchasable writer  and he wrote many humiliating articles about that visitor's  friend's X girlfriend in almost all the newspapers and magazines.
The Purchasable writer of this story received a lot of acclaim for his  literary works and later received a lot of national and international laurels as the visitor's  brother was a Member of the Parliament and was a member of  the ruling party.  The girl in this story eventually stopped reading  newspapers and the mud slinging magazines as she was intelligent, sensitive  and sensible enough to understand and differentiate print marks... 


In Universal Library i miss my uncle that he left this earth four years ago but i can feel his presence whenever i read this story. He was an honest man and he gifted me with his Universal Library that he knew that the only one could treasure such a gift was me and i am really grateful for my uncle for  such a precious gift.. 



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