Monday, December 31, 2012


I stopped celebrating New Year for one reason that i miss my mother.

I thought i search for something unusual on the last day of this year.

There a lot of things i can do ahead and New Year has turned yet another day in my calender and for there in list in linguistic calenders i can find a new date to celebrate a fresh year..

I wanted to search for the most interesting place of this world but  i found another option in my rectangular search box ..
Interesting facts of this world. I opened the site that i was curious...

The most interesting facts of this world and the first one from the list was a numeric calculation    

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

I just thought it would be great to know about a few more interesting facts of the world at the ending point of one year.. 

"Rhythm" is the longest English word without a vowel

 There is a city called Rome on every continent.

 Rhode Island is the smallest state with the longest name. The official name, used on all state documents, is "Rhode Island and Providence Plantations." 

India never invaded any country in her last 10000 years of history.

 It took Leo Tolstoy six years to write "War & Peace".

The Main Library at Indiana University sinks over an inch every year because when it was built, engineers failed to take into account the weight of all the books that would occupy the building.

Isaac Asimov is the only author to have a book in every Dewey-decimal category..

India is the world's ancient, largest continuous civilizations 

The world's first university was established  in Takhsashila in   India in 700BC and more than 10600 from all over world studied more than 60 subjects there. University of Nalanda was built in 4th Century BC.

It is interesting that i could collect a few interesing information from google and i thought need to sit and write about my owheart rhythm without any vowels..

Let me forget the facts which caused me pain in the past and let me refill my heartbeats with beautiful sea shells from the seas across the word..Poetic sea shells from my poetic shores..

Sea of life that whispers
from shores and in horizon
who writes there a poem?
an eastern star of autumn..
i am here with the rains 
of monsoon and flowers
from my central garden
listen, in libraries i sit
to erase the shadows
which fall against
my eastern shore...            
let me fill fascinating facts
of this world  
in my souvenir of  life...
Listen, i am going to write...

Sunday, December 30, 2012


I don't know why December brings in hand always sorrowful moments..
Smell of Death..
There near the corner, death waits to take away a life..
Painful truth.. 
In front of me, I have seen candles and prayers from genuine people. There i hold a sorrow in December that i have seen a Death, cold blooded,  right in front of me...

I can feel feel the smell of cruel death like a shadow waiting to attack near the corridors of life. In Hospital rooms, in intensive care units and in unknown strange places..

I know December has many sorrows to hold and i have learned to 
live in hurt lockers with an unhurt feeling..

Along with December i started hating the one who played from behind in masks to give me endless worries.  It is not my fault that i hate the one who stung me from behind that he left nothing in front of me to think that he is a human.. I have seen people trying to justify him and fabricating stories to make me as a culprit. That is not new i know it happens in every walk of life.

It is true that my tormentor tried to silence me with beautiful flowers and scented forwards..It is my mistake that i thought it first as genuine concern but later i have seen his true revenge shades when i stopped believing his diplomatic tactics and tricks... He can be cruel but cannot expect me to change to endorse his cruelty.

Ink marks too provoked me to hate him more on colours and captions.  I don't know whether i can call him as a human. Truth is that people around never allowed me to forgive or forget him. People around and ink dots supplemented enough raw materials for me to hate him to hell. No body in  life caused  me so much of mental disturbance. He wasted his entire life's valuable treasures by disturbing me to death. He spread his mind's most uncivilized elements to attack me. It hurts me when i think about the past that i could not avoid it . ..

In colours and in philosophical  quotes ink marks assisted me  to hate him more and at the end i reached to a conclusion that i need to only hate such a person who gifted me a life time of mental trauma..

I don't know what ink marks gained out of this provocative deal. Even i don't know whether it is again a trick of my tormentor. Gradually from one camp to the other it all ended up in front of me as  a superficial comic show.. I have learned to consider all it as a  time based comedy.. 

To be honest, the only feeling left in me now is that i should have been a little more careful in not falling in his hidden traps.. That hurts me more than the fake flowers and honey tasting forwards  he sent me to silence me. I should have been a little more careful that he would not have tried to stamp me with his cunning tricks.. That feeling hurts me more than his comic show offs.. 

I have not given up my cause. I don't wish to act in front of the people to get mileage like many others do..
I am not in competition with comic 'show offs.' 
It is fun to watch that the more i make a remark on the funny show offs i end up seeing more comic shows.. 

Someone struggles near me to prove and please every second person with a selfish interest in mind. I don't think i can act to that level..

There is a helplessness in me that i cannot stop my tormentors that they are more cruel than i thought of them and that helplessness drives me to hit at my tormentor in the most cruel way that he should also understand the pain of being hurt. I know their cruelty will continue because their happiness lies in that. I feel sorry for them that they do not know that i get angry only  on their low thinking. They have created a petty competitive atmosphere in their narrowness by praising some people whom i think i need to climb down several steps  to  compete with.

A few get this happiness that i am  alone.. A few think that i fight expecting their support..
For them i need to answer that i am not here to beg for any mercy.
I hate the one who messed up my life and did experiments on my heartbeats....

I know if i thrash him to his level also he will not take back the sting he has gifted me as the token of his great fake love.. I hate him for that.. and i know i am going to hate him for that for my lifetime.

I have grown from my initial childlike foolish beliefs that no human will hurt another in that way.. I have grown beyond my beliefs in six years that i know now the world can be even more cruel.. 

Let me ask one question to the ones who speak of civilization 
You stung me from behind in masks and you did not have heart;
You were not civilized in your mind either..... 
How can you expect me to have a heart when you don't have one..

Let December move away in realistic words.. The most realistic belief that i want to write in my mind is that i will not fall again on the shadows of a  sting coated  love. I have grown for my own good in my own beliefs..

Let me conclude for December
I see my reflection
in my eyes..
i see my world
tilted like the axis
of earth
i see my reflection
in my own fingers
fighting a world
which waits for my tears..
I turn unhurt in hurt lockers.....

Sunday, December 23, 2012


I have  met a girl from Ayodya yesterday....
Her home town is Faziabad which is around 6 km from Ayodya..the once unconquerable land of a great dynasty..... Suryavansh...
I wanted to know what is really happening  there apart from the controversies we hear about Ayodya in general..

She said...
We see only Government Armed Forces There.. Enforced Peace..

Off late we think of the controversies associated with Ayodya and the fights over a portion of land..
Yes, people fight over earthen elements and for many such frivolous materialistic things killing the very essence of conscience..

Yes,  you will not see any human beings there but only armed battalions ... that is what she said..
To see human souls we need to walk out of Ayodya or Saket...

 Eras ago Ayodya  was the kingdom of a Great God...not any more...
Ayodya, the ancient city has lost its pure earthen charm.. Government has sent its powerful forces to drive away humans.. Ayodya.. the unconquerable land is in the hands of  Indian Military..

River Ganges flows along.......Sarayu has finished off Tretayug..

Vishaka says there is a kind of forced peace in Ayodya..
Life not normal..

It is astonishing that from 1528 to 2012,   people fight over a  portion of earth measuring 2400 square feet. 

On dividend lands, as per the court's verdict people may build again temples which they themselves destroyed once.. On ruins they may build again structures so high that their egos should speak volumes than the Creator of this universe..
Armed Forces will march past there to prove that they are more powerful than the temples of this universe.. 

Ayodya, the ancient city and what remains there ancient  is a lost belief...  

From Suryavansh, from Ayodya how many eras i need to walk to come out of  enforced peace.. Armed Battalions has formed a wall there around my garden.. My anger has formed an ocean and the more i tried to calm down its undercurrents the more  hidden land minds i find across my garden and i know why my ocean is restless. 

No one can embrace peace along with the armed forces march pasting very close to ones heartbeats....

No one has the right to destroy others peaceful life on sting and haunt and if someone thinks it as great achievement it is time for them to change...

In destiny lines i know how eras demystify beliefs..
Do i need to travel to Ayodya in search of enforced peace.. Do i need to travel towards the darkened phases of Suryavansh to know about the creator of this universe and light... 


Saturday, December 22, 2012


I don't know what makes him happy...
Gayatri asks  this question..
Somehow he squeezed out the happiness of all those who talked against him.....
What more he wants..
He should be happy at least by now... but he is not..
Even after haunting others to death he is not happy....
If he is happy he does not need to sledge our earth or hire editor in chiefs to fill write ups to humiliate our earth..

We write on many events because we feel that we are not very happy on many incidents happened in the past. We feel unhappy when we think of the sting and torture and intentional revenges and colour mix ups. I think my anger is genuine against the one who stung my part of the earth from behind. 

I cannot understand why he needs to sledge us again when he is happy in his present..
I questioned many hypocrites based on my pure beliefs in wisdom because i wasn't happy on the way people tried to manipulate my thought patterns..It is not the case with him..Even when he got a few set backs some how he drained out others happiness to make his life happy..

He managed to chase the people who questioned him to death...
He claims he got the real love of his life...
A few  editors and chief editors are there to support him.. 
Leauge Money is invested in many sources for his safe future...
Future of the ones who tried to question him got finished off..
There are hired people around him to fill bad write ups on others on payment basis and they are doing their jobs with utmost sincerity.. 
Pedestrian writers are there to support him and  sledge others on behalf of him..
Somehow by ransacking the nation even he got back his chair..
From Wall Clock to National Sheets everyday supply red paint for him......
One should be happy at least by now..
He is still unhappy... 
What makes him happy.. God only knows..

Gayatri cannot understand why he smokes out his silent arrogance again near our earthen elements
There are people who praise his new life.. There are people to criticize all his detractors.. There are many million followers.. 
One should at least be happy with all that..

Gayatri cannot control her anger at times that she heard enough of love, hatred and hypocrisy.

I don't think people of a nation want love gloss from their rulers. They need basic essentials, safety from stingers, hackers and rapists

Ok.... He loves everyone.. There will be many million valid reasons that all cannot follow him.. Instead of understanding that he wants to create unpleasantness for others. If we follow not him our life is ruined..If we follow not he orders that we should move out of this universe.. 

Gayatri cannot stand that arrogance..
Gayatri cannot stand that narrow mindedness
Gayatri cannot stand that selfishness..
Not only Gayatri even  me...i too can't stand such selfishness...
I wonder...
He cannot forgive anyone, but everyone should forgive him..
He is not kind always but expects kindness from everyone..
Gayatri asks..
Why on earth his associates smoke near our earth..
Why can't they stop....

Gayatri cannot surrender her soul under his narrowness and silent arrogance....  

Gaytri continues..
I am outgrown.. Provocations I find almost everyday and i know  it is not too short that a day will come and i completely set my mind to completely ignore the provocative world. I know by then i will be in a better world of my own....

It is true i agree with Gayatri and know that December may bring a few more unhappy moments.. It is always better to face the unhappy  elements that i can rewrite my own origin on strong foundations.....
I am familiar now with unhappiness and know well that about how the bad elements provoked me beyond lines of control to victimize my earthen heartbeats.. Gayatri knows to cross them on fine points but it takes a long time.. Battle of life is not an easy one....

I know i need to walk along with my poetic heartbeats and I don't prefer to break its poetic rhythm on external conflicts ..Slowly but on firm ground i need to rebuild my poetic elements and i know it may take some seasons to detach me from the seasonal provocations of a conspiring outer world...

Invaders have ruined my peaceful life and forced me to retaliate beyond my lines of control....

I need to walk ahead of many seasons until i rebuild my pure origin on my earth minus invaders and their mountainous shadows....