Monday, October 15, 2012

September 20, 2010


Once upon a time there  born shadows ahead of green leaves on a tree branch called fate and there fell a lot of sparklers from the eastern stars. All around the earthen elements there emerged an image like that of holocaust. I have seen a diary not written by God but from someone who wanted to do experiments with human heartbeats.  

God once  inspired a young girl Anne Marie to write a Diary and when i read i know i feel the presence of God..

I wrote a diary in my mind like the one which was written by  a small girl Anne Marie. She wrote that when Nazi Germany passed the anti Semitic Nuremberg Laws. Her diary was published later in 1947. The Diary of a young girl erases the fearful shadows of  Hitler and from the 
history sheets i do not know what i need to learn from the images of Hitler.

It is true that one past can pull  pure white sky leaves from the  infinite horizons and spin on a wheel to create stories and in the alchemy of truth  i know how rain drops fall to erase the shadows..

In eleventh chapter i want to write a million beautiful poems on which i want a create a world minus shadows.  I think i look upon '
how and when poetry arrived' by Neruda along side with all poems of Tagore. In a  way from the conspiring planets i know how  paid  schemes and  alchemy of black coal blend and how the autumn chisels gold to find fire sparklers for my evening lamp.

Let me search in the encyclopedia of this universe to find out who gifts me earthen  monsoon and who listens to my prayers near the horizon.  

I need to fill my eleventh chapter on poems..

Even i don't know how and when poetry arrived calling me so softly like a whispering wind in one Indian Sea Shore...
Once upon a time poetry arrived in search of me like a monsoon rain drop.... and i wrote..
i wrote about elements... elements of earth... 

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