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He stung me, chased me, haunted me, sent beautiful poems, philosophical quotes and again haunted me and sledged me. At the end a few who  wanted to  gain, to  cut through his power stream  tell me that  he is a Prophet; prophet of love.. yes he is the clairvoyant of give and take pure - conditional modern love.
A matter of convenience...

Dare him you are finished..
Cheer him if you want international fame..

Oh no.. i can't do that
I cannot cheer him..
I cannot follow such a format
I cannot put my pure soul for auction.

He was doing mega shows  with a 'greed of the millennium' when  i was struggling to find out the hidden face of the one who haunted me for life.

I cannot trade my heartbeats by cheering the flesh-sledge, lust-sledge-,kamaraj sledge -aids virus sledge, snake-sledge, peacock-sledge clairvoyant  give and take lover .
I cannot understand the theory of slapping an ordinary person for misbehavior and hugging a man who installs sting lens on   women's bed rooms and gives kamaraj kind of sledges.
If i decide to hit i hit both or ignore both but not hug one for money/fame and hit the other to do a show off...

Yes i dared..
Not to do any show but to tell him that if he is misunderstood  it was his duty to understand first before venturing into revenge and kamaraj- crow- peacock -snake sledges. When i called her as a laundery object a swindler he could not take it . According to his standards i should call that desert greed a worm but he expects that his greed to be called as  a flower.  May be a worm on a flower i can tell  him if i follow strictly his sledge patters..
God has given him power and he misused it do all mean activities and that is the reason he suffered. He never learned from that but again did the same mean action when score settlers offered him a helping hand.

He even gone to the extent of telling me in one mask that he would sell my pictures that he hacked as a prophet of holy love. After doing all that also his greed should not be called any names. If he compares the weight of his ruthless sledges and my retaliations his would be like a mountain and mine would scale only a feather's weight.

He was showing off only to prove to his social - society magazine sort of friends how efficiently he  can sting and hack a person hiding his face in masks. When things turned bad he moved to the next avenue and sadly he brought a greed from a desert to show that it is easy to change love with the help of society sort of writers. He thinks intelligently piercing a knife from  behind hiding all wickedness in mask is culture and if we question him openly it  is a wicked act.   

Yes i dared
with the full knowledge that if i fight against meanness i end up with heartbreaks. There was a spark in me ignited by a supreme vision and that kept on telling me that i need to surrender only to true compassion, true kindness not to show off meanness.

Yes i dared with the full knowledge that he  got a support system and i know all the politicians of India got their own unique wicked support system .. His supporters claim that i should forgive and forget the misunderstandings..Their theory is that when i tried to clear the misunderstanding it was pictured as a game and i learned that their intention was to make me feel low and the people asked me to forget and forgive but followed not that in real terms. It was their war game plan to make others get victimized on their wicked-cruel games.

Yes , with certain understandings he sledged but his understanding was too limited for the truth and he never cared what damage it can cause to the other human being..

His supporters keep advising why to fight with power, go along with the stream and  grab whatever possible like the desert greed did...

I cannot forge a wrong signature to cut across..
A failure.. may be....  'lost crap'- a person with no sophistication and culture said in white collar- as if he is a great success..a great achiever.. yes he is an achiever, prophet of a low end revenge show...

All success he waived down for his too simple but heavy ego. Of course he proved.. 
Anyway time sprinkled fragrance to  his ego.. great deal..

One thing i learned is that from  100 Crores and a few more of Indian Population  that group wanted to challenge only me..
Interesting......a kind of dead amusement..
In parked theories of undying enthusiasm i survived but at the end there a numbness grows all around me. 
I understood the folly of fighting with my challengers that i realized at the end  they continue with their colour splash and serial episodes of crap and gossip which as per their theory only a few are entitled to practice.. 

I have started praying to God that they should get at east a few more people from 100 Crores to challenge that my soul can walk free on the most refined raindrops of eastern monsoon..

I have not enjoyed the challenges,  i got drained off and a soft, sweet feeling of my heart i lost and i cannot stop myself at times  from cursing the one who ruined my inner peace in a mission that even god would have shocked to watch in his lifetime. Thankfully  he shielded me as i was alone and the attackers were equipped with barracks and battalions..

 I watch shows, browse channels, watch movies and there in me  this unique numbness,  'nothing can affect me ' feeling i find. 

A few got gift packets and laurels for giving me mental torture....
One spy woman got a chance to act in one commercial as the mother of a fashion model.. 
Sadly that spy woman's husband, a drunkard died of a heart attack.. spy woman does not care as far as she gets a few commercials and a few drinks in her aerobic parties..
Why should i remember such humans otherwise too she does not inspire me..She gives me a low feeling about her that how she can spy another lady right under the watchful eyes of a supreme god.  

One Pedestrian writer got laurels for provoking me.. He got a wider coverage in national and international newspapers.. God watched his intentional time bound provocations  in surprise and laughed at him. Once i thought he is someone who can inspire but after his low end double games to cut across substandard fame made not even look at his writings again.  He too does not inspire me anymore. A person in revenge mood can cause even more mental agony and provoke i understood. One thing i know he put his own image down in revenge uniform. It is at that time i learned even the enlightened ones walk from extra ordinary thinking to the ordinary mind frame.

I could not control my  bewilderment at the people who struggled to hurt me intentionally.. God was speaking to me in my dreams and he agreed with a fact that in general a particular someone wanted to do a hard core revenge on me. I was shocked initially at the massive revenge campaigns but learned later that is the style of the people assume themselves as enlightened. Later the shape and mood of the campaign changed and on the whole i turned numb after seeing the same episodes again and again..

God must have wondered at the love-forgive claims of all these provocative artists, spies and hard core revenge doers. People who spread genuine love harm not anyone, tried to finish off anyone. Almighty has given me a beautiful vision to understand the truth in its real form by ripping apart the masks of conditional compassion and  revenge doers got not anything but an average platform to showcase  their time bound average skills. Almighty watches their flesh-lust sick to the core campaigns and understands how mean the minds of this kind of revenge seekers who spreads only love claims not genuine love.. Anyway for getting  power in hand and to cover the blunders it is good an idea to immortalize love if that adds a few advantage points for the score settlers even there no greatness one can add in score settling shows.i know they can only fool people not god. It is true as far as i know god watches all revenge seekers, score settlers and even me. It is not that he watched Pandavas in Vanaprastha of   fourteen years. Revenge seekers for sure settle scores cunningly and say- look god helped, like the wrong chess sakuni played for Duryodhan..  

I wonder at times why and how i got dragged in such a situation and i know i will not get an answer even when i search in a half million years. With all the refined thinking i hold, unknowingly my heartbeats curse the one who caused me a life time struggle. I know that will continue until a day i forget even the last traces of the struggle and pain i faced encountering the wildest of wild. I cannot take it in mind that people do exist in this world who sting others from behind. Why can't they sting-trials on their own siblings first and hire  crap- gossip- pedestrian spy  specialists to write about them for life..

I know it will not end anywhere.. 
Sting bee left only a cursing pain and numbness in my heartbeats..
I have read the review of a book 'My Beautiful Broken Shell' by Carol Hamblet Adams. Broken Pieces of Indian Ocean Shells i got in my collections.. Sea fascinates me. Let me forget the pains of a sting bee..Never in my life i thought i need to encounter with a sting bee, never thought my passion of poetry be named as a game by the sledge mafia. Never thought masks would follow my footsteps.

It is better to have  few broken shells  than to have a  costly comfort earned surrendering all goodness...

In my memory line let my dreams flow like an ocean
Let my dreams be like beautiful butterflies..

He says even today... float not like a butterfly but sting like a bee
God.. he can only sting from behind.. ...
Let my dreams not have the roaving eys of a  sting bee..
Let my dreams  float like beautiful flowers
Beyond skies, beyond horizon
Beyond all borders..


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