Thursday, May 9, 2013


In retreat center of life, Meera searched for peace..
She finds not an answer on why she receives a boxful of provocative treaties everyday from  the intruders of her inner peace..
Meera searched on the whole dictionary of her life to find an answer for why Gayatri has to come forward to clear the outsourced trials of obstacles on a regular basis.
Meera needs to come out of the trellis and she remembered the talks she heard in ancient school of wisdom..
Human beings in general take not the responsibility of their errors and it is true that Meera was blamed for the whole lot of things Meera not even knew..
Meera can visualize the frame on which her soul was fixed on nails. She pulled those nails so hard to set herself free and broke the frames but the nail marks on her soul still there causing pain ahead of the whole healers and herbs of this universe.

Gayatri knows that.
She wanted to tell Meera.
Meera your jewel box of peace is broken..

Charioteer of the kingdom was blind and invaded her land of earth and ransacked even the most finest element of her precious collections.

Gayatri thought for a while
Meera should have locked her heart chambers in lock and key.
Meera should not have talked to the strangers..
Meera should not have allowed anyone to cross over her.
Meera should not have allowed anyone to invade her territory.
Oh, yes.. Meera tried... tried too hard to stop them, to block them until she realized there no point in fighting with the giant shadows..
She walked back to her village home and behind her fell her crystal box  of sea shells and her dreams..
She heard the sound..
It was like a sound storm..
Meera couldn't re-align her broken shells....
Gayatri feels that Meera hides her inner self from the suffocating outer layers.  
What more one can do with the outsourced arrogance...

Meera cannot realign her broken sea shells
She has her own mind and heart to rearrange, forget dreams..
A lot unsettled, a lot not in place 
She fights against the alphabets of outsourced, overcrowded might..

A task.. Gayatri knows
There the landslide....
There Meera  finds her brass lamp stuck in slush..
She pulled it from the mud....
In school of ancient wisdom, the caretaker said 
'one needs to challenge the ego nestled inside the heart.'
Meera asked Gayatri..
Do i have an ego..
All got Meera, a few intelligently cover it on soft silks and a few chisel it on hard stones..
Both hurt..
Meera.. you don't have any ego..
you walked past.. walked past a million egos
and the one Meera you challenged last was the deadliest.
I think Meera you encounter not with egos anymore...
Meera knows the truth..
She is shaken from the roots
She is not the same Meera of ancient school of wisdom
She lost a belief and she reached to a destination that she is unable to do a retreat for that belief.
She is unable to do a therapy for that belief.
No healers, no herbs to rejuvenate  that belief..
Gayatri knows that too..
Meera struggles from her heartbeats to create an impression that everything is ok, fine.. and to certain extent  she manages to dodge even herself....
Gayatri and Meera walked..
Meera asked...
Gayatri, what is my score against egos of all levels..
Gayati said in a calm voice.......
In retreat centre Gayatri and Meera sat to listen the next session of talks on intellectual and spiritual wisdom..




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