Friday, May 3, 2013


Heaven offered me a cedar leaf to write..
On edited versions of life i could not find a reason that what makes a few to hound my soul even today..

From my stung heartbeats i know there nothing left to write or manipulate and i think it is a past time hobby for a few to do experiment on my soul even after many seasons of rains and autumns...

I remember the philosophical quote of Albert Einstein in one railway booking counter. 
`World is not destroyed by those who do evil but from the those who watch it without doing anything'..
I feel world is destroyed on bias and prejudice of humans. Where from the borders of countries to the thinking patterns, people add a lot juicy bias so that it ruthlessly help them to come up in life..

Oh, it is true i need to love all,  forgive all that i need to have large heart to bear all the hurt..I think my Heart has transformed into a large one with all the intentional hurt and my heartbeats are refined in such a way that each hurt turns as a poetic element at the end..

In refineries i store my memories..
Cancelled Subscriptions
Edited Superscripts
Broken pieces of sting arrows
Poems Read
Lost beliefs
Sea Shells of Indian Ocean
Lost fragments

When i walk past the refinery of memories i know how hard one can turn in life..
It is like chasing Mavericks, the toughest waves of life..       

I opened my god gifted ceder leaf.. 
With a curious mind i searched for Devadharu-Ceder...
I browsed through the world search to find: 
Cedar trees are large, evergreen trees of the family Cupressaceae. Cedar trees will usually grow to a height of up to fifty feet, but others can reach one hundred or more feet in height. Cedar trees are common in forest areas that have a good deal of annual rainfall. They prefer moist soil with limestone beneath it. The wood of cedar trees has a very pleasant smell. This is from natural oils in the wood..
My heartbeats have moved away from the world and in branches of my thoughts i made my heart to expand to fill all  pains, sorrows, happiness and there i formed a neutral boundary for me to think and write about my dreams..
I walked past waves,
Like an ocean i flow,
in leaves of olive
i grow
and above all
i float in earthen form
in my own heart..

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