Sunday, November 11, 2012



Meera opened her diary..
10/11/2012.. unusual date.. 
She wrote..
Rain has filled a poetic element in me.. and there the ink marks try again to project their own national duplicity. Yes that is past.. no need to fill my contribution there I know for sure Gayatri will retaliate. 

If i speak or not  i know my heartbeats will be dissected  and fortunately  i think not of that now.. At times i know I receive reminders of a past not from my well wishers but the people who love to see my tears. It is a lie that if I tell I don’t cry but I have learned to hide it from people. I know there the  wrong interpreters  wait near my heartbeats  to try the same techniques which they used  in the past with an intention to see me in a bad state of mind.. One thing I know that I cry now less that with the help of my own inner  strength i learned to hold back my  tear glands . I am aware that there  people wait near my heartbeats with an ultimate wish that i should cry...

While climbing down from the mountain to my earth it rained .. There no shelters in mountain but only the torching heat of a boiled Sun and on the way back to my origin a season changed.... fresh rains..

Meera is in her rain poems and i need to come back from her world to be in my present..

I find there no hope from the fighting leaders of my nation and i have decided to open my curious heartbeats towards the unique earthen canvas of nature...

An earthquake in Mandalay and there a part of the unfinished new bridge above Irrawaddy River fell killing and injuring several people. In Kyank Myaung there again  houses collapsed. From the ruins of Syria I have seen  images of people running away from their home country to Turkey.

What more I need to smile that someone has sent me again an inspirational quote with a few hidden arrows which i know turned very outdated for my present mind set up that I wanted to tell that kind-hearted soul  (it is ok if add a bit of sadism ) a question or two but i preferred to hide it from my memory; a better option than an encounter.

I opened Gayatri’s blog and as usual she could not hold back her inner call and from there I walked Into Antharaganaga..

Description of Antharagange from the 'must see places  guide..
Anthargange is a hill range situated near the city of Bangalore. The range is situated in the district of Kolar in Karnatak and is approximately 65 kms from Bangalore. Volcanic rock formations and its numerous cave systems are the main tourist attractions of the Anthargange range. Numerous caves and rocky outcrops will keep any traveler busy with exploration. There are also a few temples and religious sites for the spiritually inclined.

Since the hill range is situated only 65 kms from Bangalore, day trips is the best option. The excellent road network to Kolar and the scenic drive make it worth the visit..

Anthargange has many natural springs and the weather is generally very pleasant. Overall Anthargange is an excellent place for a day trip.

Antharaganga has transported my thoughts to River Ganga..

River Ganga got its mystical legendary charm where the penance of Bhagiratha to bring Ganga from Heaven to Earth and there we watched her in different names  - Hladini, Pavani, Nalini, Jahnavi, Sindhu, Suchushus and Ganga.  A journey to get confiscated in Lord Shiva's Kapardam to set free again to turn as the river of our nation.....Heavenly Alakananda to Earthen Ganga....

Ganga.. very poetic a river even when on thousands superstitions people around try to pollute her integral holiness.. Ganga Flows like a poem...

Antharagange.. inner ganga.. river ganga...very earthen .. I thought in my mind..

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