Friday, November 30, 2012


Meera has forwarded me an article on ' Dawn'..

Dawn is a NASA Spacecraft tasked with the exploration and study of Vesta and Ceres the two largest members of the asteroid belt. These asteroids are named after Roman Goddesses.. In one of the articles it is written that asteroids are Peter Pans of the Solar System. 

There always a mystery surrounding planets and their mystical evolution and there the earthen elements stand apart holding rain drops and fresh life..

While reading about  asteroids Gayatri phoned me to tell that there  was a chaos in the  university festival that a judge was accused of giving more marks to one minister's undeserved participant in one dance competition. She has seen the performance and she said the one who got the price was just average. 

Things like that happen all around  and I know how Thulaseedalam blocked Meera's Poems.. To safeguard the narrowness of a few humans,  people in specific try to trade conscience and crucify humanity.. Meera tried her best not to get caught but the more she tried the detractors enforced their will against her saying that only a minister can be right in this world which Meera refused to accept and that shattered her dreamy world of poems and life itself. .. 

I told Gayatri that our aim should not be to win like that minister's relative that we should aim towards better things.

I remembered what Meera wrote on her diary...

From the stars of the skies
i have learned that there exists
a million beautiful words
to drape me like a poem
where i see no filled up past,
present or future
but the glowing conscience
of mine which dared 

Dawn... let the mission my dreams i can see stars of my horizon.... poetic.. i liked that name.. Dawn....           

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