Sunday, December 2, 2012


I wanted to read what Meera has written in her blog  'Heartbeats'.
As usual she poured out her frustrations that i know she has taken more than a human could carry in a life time..

One evening star showed me how lamps of the universe shine without artificial reflectors..

Intruders placed again a painted love quote on my FB praising the one who capitalized 'power coated money-love.'  I have seen people capitalizing on  love  after spreading  hatred all around. I wonder why should i receive lectures on love from the ones who poured speeches of hatred and splashed colours against my earth..Do they really have any right to advice me on love and  hatred..  Do i need advice on love or hatred?? 
No........ I know that in real life no one dramatizes love  like the fake souls do..

There again one more advice from the intruder's panel..

'What you give you get back.....'
Yes it is true.. even I know that..
You made people to place hands on my earthen elements and god has  sent someone to place hands on your precious possessions....

I know now about the people who capitalize opportunities and their shows are mere stage dramas.   Otherwise too if someone wants to spread love or hatred against me it is not my choice. . I don't wish to trade my soul against the capital market of love.

There no point i know in talking about National Deceits or about the ones who capitalize anything available in front of them.. The burden of advices heap  up in front of me like a  mountain and National Deceivers experiment with power, money and show drama love..

I have learned about the  people who even misuse the pure essence of love to get mileage in their life. I know it is difficult for my earthen elements to compete with such fake faces..In hollows i know we find a lot of such trade secrets and it is easy to hire people to write articles to gain mileage in the national canvas...  Yes.... i have seen how people market love through various marketing schemes.....

How can a face mask expect faith and loyalty from my earthen elements that i am surprised at the intruders wish list.. I have received  a million write ups on faith and loyalty
 I think face-masks deserve not my pure beliefs of faith and  loyalty. I don't wish to capitalize my pure earthen elements or trade my soul to please a face-mask who taught me how to hate people. If someone wants to cover National Deceits to favour a wrong it is not my choice. When liars come and tell me that i lie i worry not that i don't need to tell my truths to those who preferred to hide their faces in masks.. 

Whatever has happened is happened for the best and whatever will happen will happen for the best....I don't believe in wars nor i like to sting or haunt people.. Wars i know are the result of such crimes..I believe that when someone tries to sting me God watches.  

You were not perfect to haunt me or humiliate my earth.. Oh!  even you misused the word love to cover your darkened conscience....

Meera is very annoyed and i know that she is not the one who keeps hatred against anyone. I know why Gayatri fought on behalf of her. No one should have so much arrogance to humiliate another human being and no one should misuse love as  a working capital to fool people..

Meera has come out of the world of face masks and i know she is still in a shock that she may take ages to come out of her numbness. She tries her level to be normal but at times the wounds re-appear to haunt her and such occasions it is difficult for Gayatri to keep quiet.

I have learned that show-love is not powerful but a laughable stock.. Pure concern is more powerful than show-love and pure concern does not need Show Dramas or Paint Brushes.

Forget.... National Deception and Promotional Campaigns..
Forget Past.........
Let the traces of Past come not even through ink dots, face book walls or through story lines for Meera to write again and again on how face masks  deceived her, challenged her and avenged her.. 
It is better not to remember.....

From Cross roads i walked towards the cake store.. 

What to order..I thought for a while sitting there on the wooden bench...
I glanced at the labels..
'Chocolate Almond Gratuex..'
'Death by Chocolate Pastry'  

I ordered one Almond Gratuex .. 

Death is inevitable and i wondered why a chocolate pastry is named after Death..

I waited for my Almond Gratuex....

December has outgrown in its own faded snowy shadows.  From one misunderstood past, a present walks in front of me on deceptive masks ahead of the eastern shores....

I think i have grown with one more season... in elements of earth... 

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