Thursday, December 13, 2012

There exists a line on which borders divide nations, thoughts and heartbeats. On the whole it is not about the lines but about the cross border invasions on which borders collapse and nations disintegrate.. My heartbeats have not invaded any territories but got tuned to face the miseries of invasions eventually.

From my prayer room to one practical life to my own sanctuary i settled, i placed the last note, alphabet on my heartbeats which in turn gifted me a different world. A world of mine with no intruders, conflicts, shadows, pains or sorrows.. 

Thankfully i could build a world for me in my own dreams. Challenges were aplenty where i wrote on broken heartbeats, broken pathways and in specific  i found my pure earthen origin. .. From intensive care units to concrete roads i  received a beautiful poetic garland from the nature. I heard a million voices but decided to walk along with my ocean, my heartbeats. Each time i stopped to find a way i found shadows growing against the banyan trees. 

Once again today i read about Angkorwat,  Roman Colosseum and about the Great Escarpment of India.. Once again i read about the subcontinent's oceans

I started loving the geography of the world more than its inhabitants.. Deep inside me from the borders of my heartbeats i felt that  i made walls to block human shadows.. How i have changed even i don't know even dreams are blank except the dream of finding a way to write the most beautiful poem of this world..Faces move away slowly with no identification marks.. Symbols and colours fade from my vision and i think i stepped into a unique planet where happiness and sorrows fought  a war against my earthen elements and walked back into blank score sheet. I find no trace of any past, present of future there..

On east coast road i traveled with a guide map to find the most beautiful poetic element...

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