Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Rain in December.... 
Very strange.... 
From my rainy gardens, from the promontory of Indian Ocean i set  free my dreams to travel on poetic elements.. There on the eastern sky, rain cleared  all cross cultural shadows..

I  walked towards the world to touch fragments of  Maya Civilization, Meso American Civilization and ended my search on Mayotte. From eras to  the ancient unseen markers, on stones there i see many hidden unknown alphabets.. I have learned one important aspect of my life that i have grown from my childhood days  to even understand the minute subscripts/superscripts of this world...

I tried to clean my library.. a lot of stress boosters, colours, ink dots, cover ups, symbols, synonyms..
Do i need all that...??

Gouri has sent me her poem which she scribbled from the southern sea shores..

December Rain

This is the Ocean  i was into..
with no fear i sailed
i watched rivers,
streams and horizons
from the sub continental 
From the front yard
of my rain filled 
December garden
dreams are stolen
in open day light leaving
me in a room of destiny
I wasn't terrified that i was
walking along the friendly Ocean..

It is raining..
December Rain..

From the death bed of seasons i know it is time for me walk forward. Words drape me in rain dropsIn Temple of treasures, i searched not for gold coins to make my destiny  but for a poetic word in the shape of a sea shell. I have not dethrone any temple pillars in search of wealth nor  ran behind any treasure pots..            
I struggled to carve a poem there on the on the musical pillars..  
Music of the universe i found more pleasant than the loud voice of the revolutionaries i heard from the silent manifestos .. 

Civilizations speak about  ruins and from the ruins i walk along.. I can hear my poetic heartbeats...  

From Eras, what should i collect.. sand dust or rain drops...

I think i need rain drops now...

poetic ones.....  


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