Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I walked past a showroom of Manyavar..
I wasn't worried for the first time on which experiment Megha Tropique  Mission is aimed at or which experiment it wanted to conduct for the future..Megha Tropique was launched from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sreeharikota. From Pulicat Bird Sancuty i have seen this centre once..

Someone stopped me near the Bangalore Development Authority Park and asked for Corner Stone House .. I was walking on Priyadarshini Apartment Road. One more house demolished near   the intersection and there again i know will come up a commercial glass house beyond dreams and horizon in a stylish name like Corner Stone House.

I have decided to walk from the intensive care unit and breathed fresh air.. Smell of Sandalwood from the sanctum of the temple.. From the provocative dark unions i walked forward and in my dreams arrived poems and on the sketches of my life i placed bright earthen lamps..

Corner Stone House, i wanted to know.. Maybe i find that on one of the cross roads.

From the season of rain there i collected a million poetic rain petals which flew towards one ocean at the end.  From past there in front a  present offers in gift wrappers a million challenges where in my library i read about cloud computing and 'do no evil slogans'..

I have reached to the peak of one submit where from i watched the eastern horizon and my earthen elements.. Nothing could redeem the belief i had on this universe.. An encyclopedia and there again in compartments, people moved holding many million wrapped up stories.. 

Gayatri has sent me an article on a modern laundry
A lot of advertisement to promote its many branches in India. Everything needs to be marketed well in commercial schemes even laundry materials. When ever Gayatri sees that ad Gayati comments.. 'worse than a comedy show.. Isn't too comic to promote a substandard brand in colourful drapes'.. ....I am really surprised at thhipo skins of such promoters..Toooooooo funny...
Gayatri these days laughs too much on such advertisements.. 
No need to search for comedy channels, open google and we find such cartoons...Instead of watching  such cartoon shows, it is better to  learn about a new country.. 
Good sign that Gayatri stopped taking such ads seriously.. Gayatri started inhaling the fragrance of Meera's pure wisdom..

I remembered what Meera has written in her diary..

I am not surprised that how beautifully our Creator has promoted our nature. Look at the trees those give us sweet fruits and there no campaigns  to promote its natural essence.. Look at the flowers of nature there again no campaign from the Creator of this universe.. Flowers bloom if you give or give not a front page commercial add factor.
. Our creator's vision is clear like a crystaand look at the way his creations try to glorify the artificially created flowers. .. Look at the sky, stars and streams....

I don't want to argue any further where i walk along with the Creator of this universe.. He has made a place for me to praise his impartial vision.. 
Let me write about a beautiful star  and in sea shells let me see how ocean stores its secrets whispers..

Even i am surprised how our Creator has launched this universe so beautifully in his own unique artistic canvas..

Around me, i hear a lot about rocket launches, failures and satellite collisions.. To break away from the glass house i broke my own heartbeats but to my surprise in a way i could see what was in side my heartbeats... There i found a million stars in autumn tint.. 

Like Neruda i wrote..
" i wrote the faint line...
faint without substance
pure nonsense, pure wisdo
of someone who knew nothing 
and suddenly i saw the heavens
unfastened and open planets....."


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